Sunday, August 22, 2010

"It will arrive on Tuesday"

I have a tonne of stuff to report from our first week in Switzerland, and will get to it tomorrow. But first, a glimpse into life in La Suisse...

Our land line, Internet and TV connections were set up for us by our relocation agent prior to our arrival. We are using a company called Swisscom, only because they have a monopoly (or near monopoly) on these services.

My personal IT guy set it all up without incident, but noted that the PVR seemed to be missing a remote control. Given the number of boxes floating around our living area last week, I was fairly sure it would appear at some point, and didn't give it much thought.


Our house is now as organized as it can be, given the lack of furniture or storage facilities, and said remote control is still MIA. Something needed to be done, as leaning down from our camping chairs to the box on the floor to change channels was getting old.

Noone was in any particular hurry to call Swisscom's help line for what was envisioned to be a painful conversation in broken French, English and a bit of German for good measure, but I finally offered to give it a go.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Parlez-vous anglais?"

Swisscom dude: "Yes, a little."

Me (relieved): "Oh, thank you! We have just arrived in Switzerland, and have ordered our TV, Internet and telephone line with Swisscom."

Dude: "Yes."

Me: "However, when we set up the TV, we realized that the TV PVR did not come with a remote control, even though the box states that one should be included."

Dude: "Strange. I will send you one without charge. You will receive it in the mail to (insert street address) on Tuesday."

Me: (stunned silence, then): "Oh, thank you so very much."

Dude: "Have a nice day."

No suspicious queries about your identity, no dreaded control questions that I never know the answer to. No request to return the PVR to a depot. And, best of all, no vague promise to send a replacement within 5 to 10 working days. Nope. Swisscom Dude was so convincing, I absolutely expect a victory stroll to my mail box this coming Tuesday. I might even raise my remote control to the sky above in pure joy.

Rogers Communications - take note. And score one for Swiss efficiency.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scenes From A Move...

A fantastic send-off....

...despite the boxes...

...and before a final goodbye to house and trusted minivan:

Ready or not... we come:

Our temporary accommodations before our furniture...

...which can't come soon enough:

Though maybe the missing xbox isn't such a bad thing...

....with a view like this...

...or that: