Friday, September 10, 2010


Benjamin could barely go to sleep on Monday. I was restless. Even Mike showed signs of being excited, and somewhere in the mountains above us, I know Christopher was thinking about it.


The day we'd been waiting for for sooooo long.

The day we would finally get our "stuff". Our container from Canada. Our things. To make our home complete.

And boy did we ever. Stuff and stuff and stuff. The movers just kept bringing it in. Boxes and boxes of it. Stuff here, stuff here. Way too much stuff. Approximately 1/3 of our belongings were delivered to our wee abode, and, peeps, it overfloweth.

Holy moly, we have A LOT of stuff. I didn't think we did. I thought we were of the minimalist kind. But alas. Clothes, shoes, plates, utensils. You name it, we've got two. And not enough space to house it all. Our house is full. Our storage is full. And we are stepping over stuff left, right and centre. As much as I love my couch and my desk and my bed, the mess that is our crowded house at the moment is already starting to drive me crazy. Me thinks a trip to Ikea is in order. We need to find ways to hide all this STUFF we've been waiting for for so long.

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